2012 Chevy Camaro SS (automatic, rental) Now before I get flamed, disappointing is different than worst. Ive driven some awful cars that I expected to be awful. Disappointment has to do with expectations. This car was far below my expectations. Yeah it had torque, but because of the way the power is delivered - it… » 10/20/14 6:50pm Yesterday 6:50pm

Are you telling me the 16 Scat pack Challengers I ordered are really Dodge products? I thought they were special cars made by Scat industries, I've been a Scat Shaft Fanboi for years now. Dodge really swindled and misled me. I hope our country's legal process can correct this horrible injustice. » 10/20/14 12:19pm Yesterday 12:19pm

Good thing Porsche doesn't make a pickup truck. Because people on this site would say how the $48,000 Porsche Equdor is such a good deal at that price. But that it before the $34,695 crew cab option. And the $16,845 towing package. And the $895 sport chrono which everyone has to have, even if you pretty much need… » 10/16/14 3:56pm Thursday 3:56pm

I often see an E46 3 series, with an M3 front end, m3 side vents, yet single exhaust and 330 rear bumper. It has M3 badges. I almost asked the owner when I saw him next to me at the gas station. But he was rather built and wearing tapout apparel and I didn't want to send him into roid rage. So I just said nice Beamer,… » 10/15/14 3:18pm 10/15/14 3:18pm