what you are failing to see is that the upfront cost of the kid is basically $0. It's the ownership and maintenance costs that are $250k. The problem is this Porsche has a $250k upfront cost, and you ignore the ownership and maintenance coasts that follow, which are surely quite extensive. » 1/28/15 8:48pm Today 8:48pm

$887 for a tail light? Damn. I have a 2005 lotus elise, it has old fashion bulb lights. In 2006 they switched to fancy LEDs, same size and they fit. I asked the dealer how much it would be to order and install some 2006 lights. they quoted me $1000 (and the car has 4 tail lights, 2 each side). I thought that was crazy… » 1/27/15 5:33pm Yesterday 5:33pm

No you have it all backwards, a compettive market place always rules, they werent going to force cars down our throats. The Japaneese and Germans started building better cars because we wouldnt let them focus on defense, meanwhile in the US, England, Russia, and France, we built shit cars while spending on military.… » 1/27/15 4:28pm Yesterday 4:28pm

One thing to note, that an astute reader may pick up on reading between the lines, but I'll confirm and add. The show and display law gets rid of the safety requirements but not the emissions. And the EPA work isn't exactly cheap, it is much cheaper than say, crashing a few mclaren F1s, but for someone without Ralph… » 1/27/15 3:17pm Yesterday 3:17pm

This is a stupid argument. It's not like police are some magical eater egg completely hidden. If you want to find a cop to kill, it's not hard. You dont need a stupid app for that. Police are pissed that this app is warning speeders, and now they finally have a BS argument that could scare the crap out of people. Just… » 1/27/15 11:22am Yesterday 11:22am

Everyone knows that mid engined typically refers to 'engine behind the passenger'. Even Dorky Rob Lowe, who trys to sound smarter than everyone else by saying well technically if the entire mass of the engine is behind the front wheels, it is a mid engined car despite the engine being in front of the passenger. Don't… » 1/23/15 2:10pm Friday 2:10pm