Here is my problem with supercars. You arent paying for the performance, you are paying for it being street legal and full of luxuries. If you want high performance on a track, you could buy a formula ford or star mazda car for 1/100 of the price of a LaFerrari and run faster laps. » 9/17/14 2:39pm Wednesday 2:39pm

My guess is that they are going to phase out the cheaper Model S, because most people are buying the $100k version so that will open the door for the cheaper model to start at $50k. And actually cost $80k before incentives. Same thing happened with McLaren with their $80-$100k 911 competitor which will cost $200k… » 9/17/14 12:21pm Wednesday 12:21pm

And this is why I have never traded in a vehicle. Also, I get my own financing through my bank, which usually offers similar rates. I'm an accountant and pay attention to all the numbers. The more variables you strip away the more control you have over the cars real price. » 9/16/14 10:54am Tuesday 10:54am